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Bird Dog Innovation Strategies — Helping

innovators, investors and manufacturers

retrieve better exits.

What’s your exit?

  • Growing toward acquisition or IPO?
  • Launching high tech product based on a new technology?
  • Partnering to monetize patents?
  • Scouting and acquiring to fill and optimize pipeline?
  • Quickly exiting a losing proposition before it sucks up years and dollars?

Bird Dog helps you optimize your path to exit by uncovering strengths and weaknesses.  Implicit is that weaknesses are always found and “No” may be the best answer.  Bird Dog will show you potential problems quickly, because a fast “no” or “pivot” is often the best way to “yes.”


Self-Diligence for Innovators.

Let’s face it.  Innovators have been known, on occasion, to take an unrealistically generous view about the customer need, addressable market, competition, and intellectual property behind their opportunity.  Unfortunately, mistaken assumptions are a serious barrier between you and the investment or grant funding you need to bring your innovation to the market.

Bird Dog helps you conduct unbiased self-diligence.  Checking your own assumptions at a level of detail that exceeds what investors will throw at you is crucial to your success.

Bird Dog’s due diligence services for innovators:

  • Verify or correct assumptions about customer need, the true addressable market and the competitive alternatives through bottom’s up market research
  • Extract business intelligence about competitors and partners / acquirers through patent landscape analysis
  • Focus your patent strategy on business value, quality over quantity


Strategic Partnering.

Bird Dog helps universities, SBIR grantees, and entrepreneurs monetize their IP through license agreements, joint development agreements, and the like. Bird Dog helps you find potential partners, estimate value, and negotiate your partnership agreements.


Investor Due Diligence.

Bird Dog helps Angels and early stage VC funds dig into business claims being made by a company that has made it through preliminary screens.

  • Affordable
  • Detailed enough to expose key risks
  • A solid resource to leverage your internal knowledge base.


Technology Scouting.

Small and mid-sized advanced manufacturers who want the benefits of ‘open innovation’ but don’t have the needs or resources for full time technology scouts.  Bird Dog helps find, evaluate, and estimate the value of technology that may boost your product pipeline and competitive barriers.